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Hello to everyone - My name is Muljadi Pinneng and with a few of my close friends, we have had the opportunity to dive Alor with Donovan from it's infancy.

The diving in Alor is truly some of the most amazing in the world. That's not just us talking but just about everyone who has been fortunate to dive Alor with Donovan says the same thing.

Over the years, we have seen no deterioration of marine life in any way or form, so it saddens us to hear stories of divers going to Alor and experiencing what can only be called "less than perfect" diving.

Through our research into (and personal dumbfoundment of) this situation, it has come to light that all the negative comments surrounding Alor diving have been produced by guests of operators with very little knowledge of the "World Class" dive sites that have made Alor a household name(to divers at least).

As Alor became known throughout the diving world, it seemed every liveaboard operator in the region jumped on the bandwagon(as they should have).

This resulted in large groups of dissatisfied diving guests unhappy that the quality of diving that their guides were supplying was not what they had read about in the countless magazines and diving guides(books and magazines that had been written by people who dove with Donovan) that raved about Alor since 1992.

That's why we are passionate about trying to explain that diving in Alor is not as simple as you may think. Over 17 years and 4,000 dives of local current knowledge and by being the one who originally discovered and developed the "World Famous" dives in Alor, Donovan is crucial in ensuring your Alor diving holiday of a lifetime.

This website would'nt have been possible without the help of Donovan himself supplying us with pictures, maps and some guest quotes. Thanks mate.

We would also like to aknowledge the underwater photos found in this site to Kal Muller, Colin and Claire Cunningham, Didi Geeske, Magnus Mattson, Robin de Bock, Araki, Midori, Ricardo and Myself.

We hope you enjoy your visit.


Alor diving

"More big fish, prolific swarming masses of schools than anywhere I've seen in 20 years of diving."
Ken Parker, U.S.A., Advanced Diver, 1000+ dives - Donovan's Guest

"We saw huge Sunfish, Reef Sharks, Turtles, Moray Eels, Rays, Napoleon Wrasse, Dog-tooth Tuna, Barracuda and loads of beautiful Reef Fish all in just three dives."
Helen Roberts, England, Advanced Diver, 30+ dives - Donovan's Guest

"Had a great time - loved the sharks, especially the Thresher. Alor diving defies description - must be experienced."
Marnie Williams, U.S.A., Advanced Diver, 500+ dives - Donovan's Guest

"A must if you
want to see it all."

Jean-Pierre Colle, Belgium, Instructor, 2000+ dives - Donovan's Guest

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